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birthday lunch with the parents, not at all this excited to go .-.
i just like my dress, after months of sitting in the closet 

Timestamp: 1375984479

here you go anon :>

Timestamp: 1374980834

first picture of the finished product ^.^ 
i love it! 

Timestamp: 1374168920

me & my face right now but worse. -___-
i have no idea why I’m still here.

Timestamp: 1372848429

super old picture of my best friend and I, going strong since ‘07 ✊
practically in love with her :’)

Timestamp: 1369126851

me right now, sunburnt. >.<
(i took a few other pictures
but i think this facial expression was more suitable).
wearing no clothes feels so good. 
can’t wait for tuesday to do it all over again


Timestamp: 1367507580

kinda obsessed with this shirt, the fit is perfect <3.<3 

Timestamp: 1366946640

super proud of myself for loosing those 7 lbs. 
im not wanting to be skin & bones
just want to loose a lil bit of my stomach fat. 
and finally a day i feel good about my body/stomach,
even after eating bao & fried avocado pieces. 

Timestamp: 1364943729

daily picture of me laying in bed, hi!~ 

Timestamp: 1364269860
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me at 1am O.O 

Timestamp: 1364191620

i was gonna get a new avi but then i ran into this in my photo booth…i swear to you its not at all photoshopped. his tongue really did come out looking like a penis. awesome >.< 

Timestamp: 1363928443

new avi o.o hi~

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not even gonna let you put me in a bad mood.
i got my nails done, a cute necklace and a nice day well spent.
take your bitchyness else where cause it aint welcome here.

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new icon ^.^ 

Timestamp: 1328857573